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4 live workouts & 1 recorded workout each week

€300 €250 for 2 months

Reserve your space for the 16th of August challenge.

DON’T MISS OUT... Limited spaces available!




We will be running more RFS8’s throughout the year and the next one will now be the middle of March. Please sign up to our newsletter and we will send you our latest offers.

What you need to know

8 week fully tailored nutrition plan

ALL and I mean ALL plans are individually designed for each client. There are no generic plans here, no way!! This is one of the reasons I only accept a limited number of clients as I need to dedicate my time and attention to all.

8 week customised workout plan

The plans are customised to each client depending on their goals which could be fat loss, muscle gain, weight gain or simply to maintain. This would be discussed in detail with each individual upon purchasing the plan.

Full access to the RFS fitness online app

Your bible &  My bible - Our RFS mobile app is THE tool which will help you stay consistent along side the constant contact you have with me. The app will help you track foods and workouts, you have video demonstrations with explanations of all the workouts, progress photo sections and much more. Further explained upon purchasing the plan.

Private Facebook group

This is a Facebook group which I launch once I have the group filled. This group is absolutely the biggest motivational and inspiring group. The group will ONLY be for the members on this January plan and I can tell you now from the past groups that a real community is built. You can all talk and motivate each other as well as weekly live videos, chats with myself along with daily motivation and support.

Constant support from ME

I am not a PERSONAL trainer with no generic plans. I will not sell a plan and then leave my clients to their own devices. I am passionate about my work, your results are my reputation and I stay in constant contact with my clients MYSELF (not an automated robot ) it’s all with ME direct.

Supplement advice

I will recommend and explain supplements once you have purchased a plan, each individual will have different needs in terms of supplements (there’s no one size fits all )

Daily knowledge bombs

Prepare for truthful, honest and open knowledge bombs. No fads, no lies just knowledge and truth.

Training videos

Demonstrations, motivation or just for fun, expect it all ;)

Secret Tips

I can’t tell you now, it’s a secret. Once your in the group the secrets will be out;)

Message me anytime

Yes, anytime anywhere via email, watsaap or our private Facebook group.

Join from anywhere in the world

Prize money for the best transformation

Now....... you know the basic details are you ready for the next challenge to get this started!?

I’m here to help you be the best version of you!

Your results are my reputation therefore I want only clients who are willing to be dedicated, willing to dig deep, want to get results and will listen to me! If this is you then sign up and I’ll help with the rest.